Bio: I have been freelancing as a computer artist for a few years. I work in computer graphics and animation. I do 2D and 3D computer animation, graphic design, logos, business cards, and illustration. I love dabbling in more hands-on art-forms, as well. Two of my favorites are painting and print-making. There's something delicious about the physicality of paint brushed over a canvas or wet ink on paper that you just can't get from computer art. Recently, I began working toward my doula certification. I work as a birth and labor support person, helping people transition into parenthood. My training is through DONA International, and I've absolutely fallen in love with this work. It's at the same time humbling and empowering to be with a woman while she is bringing new life into the world. Very recently, I have had the tremendous opportunity to combine these two unrelated fields. I have become involved with a brand new, up-and-coming, full-spectrum doula collective (the only one of its kind of Texas) called The Bridge Collective. While it's currently a volunteer position, I am working as the Marketing Director for the group. We're getting ready to launch our website, as well as our first "Hello World" introduction to the community. Exciting things are happening in Austin, Texas!

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